For your motoring safety All Tune and Lube – Tempe provides a visual brake and vehicle maintenance inspection. If upon inspection we find service suggested or required, we will supply a written estimate.

The Visual Brake Inspection Includes:

  • Inspect brake pads and/or shoes
  • Inspect calipers and wheel cylinders
  • Inspect brake hardware
  • Inspect rotors and drums
  • Check hydraulic system including brake lines and hoses
  • Check master cylinder

Visual Vehicle Maintenance Inspection Includes:

  • lnspect fluids, filters, wipers, and battery
  • Inspect belts, hoses, water pump, radiator, and gaskets
  • Check CV joints, exhaust, and suspension system

Most vehicles/when applicable.

Your brakes are one of your vehicle’s most important safety features. Even without encountering and extreme road hazard, there are countless times through our daily drive that require us to come to a safe and complete stop. Most drivers just consider their brake pads when they think of proper brake maintenance and it’s true that it starts there but your brake assembly is one of the more complicated parts of your vehicle. So if you think it might be time to change your brake pads or you’ve noticed that it takes your car, truck or SUV longer to stop nowadays, it might be time to have your brake assembly inspected by a professional technician sooner rather than later.

There’s a lot riding on your brakes, so when you are in need of a brake service think All Tune and Lube when it comes to making sure you and your passengers are safe on the road.

Brake Pads Tempe, AZ

We all need them but it can certainly be an inconvenience to get them changed, it takes a bit of planning because we know how much you rely on your car, truck or SUV. That’s why we offer a quick and convenient service.

Have you notice a screech or squealing while using your brakes? This is because there is a small metal indicator embedded in brake pads that acts as an early warning system. That means when a high pitched squeal happens when depressing your brake pedal, you shouldn’t roll up the windows and ignore it, you should let us help you address the issue before it becomes a bigger problem later down the road.

Your brake pads are meant to prevent metal to metal contact which in turn produces friction and therefore heat. Heat is more often than not your vehicle’s worse nightmare. It can warp precision crafted parts and cause other components in your braking system to fail prematurely.

Brake Flush Tempe, AZ

If you’ve owned your vehicle for a while and have never had a brake flush performed it might be time to get it checked out. The fluid in your brake lines is not immune to harmful contaminants that can find their way inside. As that fluid ages and becomes contaminated a chemical reaction begins to take place. This chemical reaction cause your brake fluid to become acidic. The acidity levels in your brake lines can start to degrade the more vulnerable parts of your brake assembly.

This preventative maintenance measure will ultimately save you from more involved repairs. Anytime you are in for anything even as simple as an oil change we will be happy to test your brake fluid and let you know when you should expect to have a brake flush performed.

We are here to help and that’s why when it comes to your automotive needs feel free to give us a call, come on by our shop or schedule an appointment online for time that is convenient for you!