Brake Noise Tempe Arizona

Brake Rotor_1Brake noise is not at all uncommon and it doesn’t necessarily mean your brakes aren’t safe. That being said, some brake pad manufacturers install little tabs that are intended to make an obnoxious noise when the brake pads get too thin. There is always something rubbing when the brakes are applied, that’s how they work, two un-lubricated surfaces rubbing on one another, the metal rotor or drum and the friction material of the brake pad or shoe. From an engineering standpoint there is nothing more NATURAL than brake squeal, screech and groan. That is why brake noises are a common cause of new car warranty complaints. Vehicle designers and brake component engineers do all sorts of things to limit how much noise your brakes make or at least shift it to a frequency above the range of human hearing. Usually they do a pretty good job. At All Tune and Lube Total Car Care Tempe we make a practice of replacing all the little pieces of anti-squeal hardware and using high quality replacement pads and shoes when we do a brake job and this keeps our noise comebacks lower than those shops–typically the big chains–that rarely do this. Brake noise is unpredictable and effected by dust, humidity, temperature and the phase of the moon.

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