Can I Use Cheap Gas in My Car? Tempe Arizona

gas stationCustomers have asked us at All Tune and Lube Total Car Care Tempe if there’s a difference in fuel between stations and if it’s alright to uses the cheap stuff in their vehicles. There’s a common belief among drivers that gas purchased at some gas stations isn’t the same quality as gas purchased from the big-name gas stations. We’ve even heard rumors in the past that say some gas stations dilute cheap gas with small amounts of water, affecting power and engine efficiency. Neither of these is true. In reality, all gas stations are governed by laws that cover the storage and pumping of gasoline, and independent and no-name gas stations usually buy gasoline from the well-known oil companies anyway. The difference? Cheaper gasoline doesn’t have as much of the additives designed to clean older engines. With today’s modern fuel-injection systems however, that shouldn’t make much difference. So go ahead, use the cheap stuff.

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