Car Wont Start Tempe Arizona

broke down car 3-16-15So your car won’t start and you’re wondering what to do now. There really isn’t a simple answer but there are a couple of things you can check.

Often you’ll turn the key, the light on the dash come on as they should, you go to start the car, there’s a CLICK and then nothing. That’s usually a sign of poor battery connections. Lift the hood, take a look at the battery and if the terminals and if you see a bunch of fuzz, they’re dirty. Take them off, clean them with baking soda and a wire brush and I bet you’re back in business.

How about when the engine turns over very slowly then there’s a rapid clicking. That indicates a dead battery. Poor battery connection due to corrosion can cause this too so you may as well start by cleaning the terminals but it could also be a bad battery or alternator. After cleaning the terminals get the car jump started and bring it in to All Tune and Lube Total Car Care Tempe and we’ll test the system.

Or the engine turns over normally but doesn’t fire. Usually that means the engine isn’t getting fuel or, less often, spark. About all you can do is insure that it has fuel in the tank. After that, get it to the shop.

Your car is a complicated device. The days when you could poke your head under the hood and give something a whack and have it running again are pretty much gone. If you run in to a situation where your car won’t start, after you’ve run through this list, call All Tune and Lube Total Car Care Tempe. We’ll get ‘er going for you!

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