How Can I Tell if my Brake Master Cylinder is Failing? Tempe Arizona

Rear ender 4-16-15You know, it’s great to be able to go. But it’s vital to be able to stop. All Tune and Lube Total Car Care Tempe does a lot of work on brake systems. I’m pretty sure it’s the most common “major” repair any car needs. There are a few components to your cars’ brakes like the brake pads or shoes, wheel cylinders and brake calipers but if I had to pick single part that you absolutely can’t do without I think I’d pick the brake master cylinder. The master cylinder and its reservoir hold brake fluid to operate your brakes. When you push on the brake pedal you’re pressing on a piston inside the master cylinder, that provides the pressure that pushes your brake pads or shoes against the rotors or drums. When the master cylinder fails there isn’t enough pressure for the brakes to work as they should. The guy making a sudden stop in front of you thinks that having your brakes working properly is a really good idea.

A lot of times the first sign of problems with the brake master cylinder is wetness or oil at the back side of the cylinder against the brake vacuum booster. Since most folks don’t get under the hood of their car very often it’s important that you be sure whoever services your car is keeping an eye open for this sort of thing. If the leak goes on for too long it can allow brake fluid to get in to the vacuum booster and damage the diaphragm.
Your sitting at a stop holding the brake pedal down and you can feel it slowly drifting toward the floor. That’s another major symptom of failure in the brake hydraulic system, usually it’s the master cylinder. Also, if you’re having to press your brake pedal farther down than usual, you may have worn seals or there may be air getting in to the master cylinder.

If your brake pedal depresses on its own, you might have a vent port blockage within the cylinder that prevents heated brake fluid from expanding and thus applying pressure to the brake lines.
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