My Car Window Fell Off the Track Tempe Arizon

Window Regulator 5-30-15So one beautiful day the birds are singing, the sun is shining, your wife shows you how much she loves you and you know work will be smooth. It’ll be a grand day! Out to your car you go to begin your trip to work but when you close the door, THUNK! the window falls down inside. Curses! You hit the switch to raise the window but no joy, just a crunching sound. More curses! How will you lock up the car? You can’t very well leave it in the parking lot with the window open. What happened anyway and how do you fix it?

You, good buddy, have a broken window regulator. Happens all the time, usually the drivers’ door window first ‘cause that’s the one that gets used the most. Window regulators that use a cable to operate the system are the most common anymore and that crunching sound you heard was the broken cable wadding itself up. Some window regulators used a rack type mechanism but those seldom fail. A lot of folks think that the window simply fell off the track but that’s never it. The only fix is to replace the regulator and I know a shop that would be overjoyed to do the job. The replacement usually runs in the neighborhood of $200.

Now if your window has simply stopped working that’s another story. There are a few things that can cause that and I’ll write about them in another article.

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