Nissan Altima Loss of Power Tempe Arizona

Over the years we’ve had several customers coming in with their Nissan cars complaining that all at once, seemingly at random, their car will lose power. They pull over and wait for 45 minutes or so and the car drives normally again. We see this mostly in the summer months and the problem always occurs when the customer is driving for long periods at high speed or pulling a long hill. What’s happening is that the transmission is overheating and the computer that controls the transmission is cutting the power in order to save the transmission. It seems as though this issue affects Nissans’ Constant Velocity Transmission (CVT for short), we haven’t seen the problem in any of their other automatic transmissions and it couldn’t happen with a standard transmission.

A CVT transmission is a wonderful device and has been working well in high power snow mobiles, side by side off road cars and some motorcycles for years but they haven’t gotten all the bugs worked out of them for automotive applications yet. Now Nissan seems to be aware of the problem and they have a transmission cooler available that cures the overheating.

This is what it looks like before the bumper cover is reinstalled

And this is the completed job

We highly recommend using the Nissan transmission cooler because it’s a clean installation without any of the problems that can come up with “will-fit” aftermarket parts. It looks and performs like original equipment since it was designed and built by the folks who manufactured the car. We hope that when you’re ready to get your transmission cooler installed you’ll use us, your Local Mechanics, All Tune and Lube Total Car Care, Tempe Arizona.