Oil Change Tempe Arizona

Car DoctorAre you taking your car in for an oil change every 3,000 miles or are you getting serviced? If it didn’t cost any more, which would you rather do? Here at All Tune and Lube Total Car Care Tempe we don’t just change the engine oil and send you down the road with a wink and a prayer, we service your vehicle!

Let me tell you what the difference is. There are any number of places where you can go in and get a quickie oil change. They’ll try to sell you a new air filter, a transmission service and maybe a belt but they haven’t really inspected your car and don’t know what it really needs. When you bring your car or truck in to All Tune and Lube Total Car Care Tempe our ASE Certified Technicians will first inspect the area around the engine bay for fluid leaks, check the condition of all the fluids and top off any that are getting low including your coolant and washer fluid. We’ll check your air filter and recommend one if you need it, check your belts and hoses. If there’s a “Check Engine” light on we’ll read the codes. Then the car is lifted and while the engine oil is draining we’ll inspect the under-car components, things like your brake lines, suspension struts and shock absorbers, exhaust hangers, control arms and bushings, ball joints and brakes. Before the car is lowered we’ll check the condition of your tires and adjust the tire pressure as needed. Finally the car is lowered, filled with engine oil and brought around for pick up.

While the technician is servicing your vehicle the service writer will be looking up the manufacturers recommended services for the mileage on the car. The service writer will then take the technicians’ report and the manufacturers service schedule and make recommendations to you about what needs to be dealt with and when. If there are any important items, the service writer might suggest they be repaired right away, for other work he’ll make suggestions as to when might be best and he’ll also tell you about anything that isn’t a problem now but should be watched.

When you leave All Tune and Lube Total Car Care Tempe you’ll have a written report of what was found, if anything, an idea of when the next service is due and knowledge about the present condition of your car. All that for a typical $29.90 oil change. Tell me that’s not a great deal!

At All Tune and Lube Tempe we’re able to take care of all your vehicle service and repair. There’s no need to go anyplace else!