Power Windows Won’t Work Tempe Arizona

Happy Driver 3-16-15_1Help! Help! Help! My window won’t move!

Well, just calm down, it’s not that big a problem. Let me get a little more information from you and we’ll see if we can’t get you back on the road of automotive bliss. We’re not gonna deal with any power probes or volt meters, just check the easy stuff.

First, tell me if it seems as though the window has been going up and down more slowly over that last few months, maybe making a little noise. ‘Cause if that’s the case there’s a good possibility that what you have there is a bad drive motor for your power window. Sometimes the motor can be replaced by itself, sometimes you gotta replace the whole regulator assembly.

What’s that? Did you say that everything was working just fine then POOF! nothing? Slow down and don’t get so excited, we don’t have a catastrophe of any kind here. Are we talkin’ about just one window or all of them? If all the windows stopped working all at the same time the very first thing I’d wanna check would be the fuse. The fuse for this system just barely carries enough amperage to run all the windows at the same time and after the drive motors get a few years on them they can draw enough power to pop a fuse if more than one is being worked at the same time. If that fuse is OK then it could be the master switch there at the drivers’ seat. If you get a bad connection there it’s possible for all the windows to stop workin’.

Nope? Just one? OK then, if it’s not the drivers’ door window, can the window be operated from any of the other switches? I ask that because window switches fail all the time and they’re a cheap and easy fix. Try workin’ it from the drivers master switch. If that works, dynamite, you probably just have a bad switch at the door. I should warn you though that there are other things that can cause a window not to work. Heck, on some of the newest cars there are computers controlling them. At that point all bets are off. Unless you have some pretty special equipment to get in to those computers you’re just outta luck.

Oh! It IS the drivers’ window that’s giving you grief! OK then, that gets a little more complicated ‘cause you sure aren’t gonna operate that window from any of the other seats, are you? Might be best at this point to take it to a shop and let somebody with the knowhow and experience deal with it. What you need to do is find a way to get power to the drive motor for that window and make sure it works. That’s not too tough if you have a power probe and know how to use it but if you don’t it’s bit, uh, tricky.

Don’t know if this helped much but I hope it did.

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