Random Car Thoughts

Check Engine Yup Still There_0Random car thoughts

Honest to goodness truth: When I started writing these articles a couple weeks ago I thought I would never run out of things to say about cars, trucks or Jeeps. Maybe I won’t, but today I find myself at a loss. So, since it’s unlikely that any of this will be read, I’m just going to put down some random thoughts about cars in general.

Jeeps are perfect just the way they are or the way their owners have modified them. Either way they’re a reflection of their owner. Jeeps also have a personality and respond to affection, like a good dog. If you don’t believe me you’re not a Jeeper.

When it’s time to repair your car you have a couple choices. Deal with it the way it is, get rid of it or fix it. If you’re going to fix it then buck up and get the repair done right. If you need economize I get it but you’ll be leaving work left undone that will cause you trouble down the road.

Why is it that so many cars on the road have turn signals that don’t work but so few of the vehicles that come in to the shop have that problem? Must be bad maintenance.

60’s muscle cars look great but if I never have to drive one again that’ll be just fine. Engines, fuel management systems, chassis and brakes have come so far.

The sixties are no longer the era of the muscle car. Right now baby you can go out and buy a 700 horsepower coupe or sedan that stops and turns as well as it goes in a straight line. And they’ll last longer too. A 70 Chevelle SS is a nice ride but you wouldn’t want to be on the same track as a new Hellcat with it.

Modern European cars are beautiful and fragile as butterfly wings.

A 10,000 mile oil change interval is nuts. Stick to 5-7,000 miles with synthetic motor oil and your car will live long and prosper.

If you want to buy a car that will maintain its value that’s exactly the same as saying you want a car that will maintain a high level of desirability. Buy a Jeep, a sports car or whatever the kids are hot-rodding today. They may not be practical but there’ll always be somebody who wants it.

Why have the auto manufacturers never built a true sequential gear box for a production car? They’ve been in motorcycles almost since day one and handle ridiculous revs and horsepower. Are they concerned that the driver couldn’t keep track of what gear they’re in? Is it that important to have neutral between every gear?

I’m not convinced that all the electronic devices that come on new cars are good ideas. I’m an old guy but all I see are future repair issues. They also provide a lot of distractions it seems to me.

Do people really want a car that drives itself?

If you read this let me know and I’ll give you a half price oil change. I’ll probably faint dead away too!

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