What is a Car Air Conditioner Service? Tempe Arizona

Cold CarWhat does an air conditioning service for your car mean? What are you paying for anyway? Well, let me tell you.

Here at All Tune and Lube Total Car Care Tempe we see a lot of car air conditioners that don’t work for one reason or another. More often than not the refrigerant has leaked out and the system needs to be recharged. This basic recharge is what we call an air conditioning service, but it isn’t a matter of just pumping the system full of refrigerant and sending it down the road. We use some sophisticated equipment to evacuate your cars’ AC system, measuring how much refrigerant we remove, clean out any moisture that could harm the system, test the system for leaks under vacuum then again under pressure when the system is recharged. Also, when we recharge your AC we inject a little bit of dye that helps us find any leaks. Your cars’ AC system needs to operate at very specific pressures in order to work as it should so we check those pressures as well.

Once this process is complete we’ll make any recommendations for repair, if needed. If we weren’t able to locate any leaks during the service we’ll ask that you come back in a week or so in order to see if any of the dye we put in during the service has leaked out. This second visit doesn’t cost anything, it’s part of the service.

Hope this helps out a bit. Feel free to call if you have any questions, we’ll be glad to answer them!

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