What is a Turbo Charged Engine, Tempe Arizona

Turbo Charged Engine 3-20-15What is a turbo charged engine and how does it differ from any other engine? That’s a fair enough question. The short answer is that a turbo charged engine has a device attached that shoves additional air in to the combustion chambers in order to produce more power. This is called forced induction, something done by both turbo charged and super charged engines, the difference is in the way they do it.

This is why you want to pack more air in to the engine: You already know that in order for something to burn you need both fuel and oxygen, right? What do you suppose happens when you cram more fuel and more oxygen in? Yeah! More energy in the form of heat! So if you’re going to get more power (energy) out of a limited volume you have to make more heat. You can do it by making that fire happen more often but what if you can’t make the engine spin but so fast? The way you do it is by burning more fuel and that requires more oxygen. A turbo charger supplies the extra oxygen.

Turbos are a sweet simple in concept. There’s a fan (turbine) that’s spun by the exhaust flow connected by a shaft to another turbine that forces air through the intake and in to the cylinders of your engine. When you’re just cruisin’ around the turbine isn’t spinning all that fast so the effect is small, but when you get in to the throttle and the exhaust gasses start really flowing, the turbine can pack a bunch more air in and you’re off like a rocket!

Now the concept is simple but the implementation is hard. There are a ton of variables, a lot of heat and loads of engineering complexities involved with turbo charging and an article like this isn’t the place for all that, but hopefully you’ve gotten the gist of what it is and why it’s used.

This is where I plug our services! Turbos are unforgiving when it comes to maintenance! Fail to get your oil changes done on time or to use the correct oil can, no WILL! wipe out your engine in short order. So stay on top of maintenance and keep the power flowing.

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