Why Does My Car Shake? Tempe Arizona

seperating tire 4-07-15Here’s a problem we see pretty regularly here at All Tune and Lube Total Car Care Tempe. Customer comes in and says his car shakes on the road and the faster he goes the worse it gets. It doesn’t have anything to do with the brakes, the car will typically pull to one side or the other too. One of your front tires is separating and getting ready to blow out, so don’t waste a minute and get to a tire store. Don’t drive at a speed where you couldn’t handle a blowout, it’s that bad. The tire is probably the one on the side that the car is pulling towards and may well look OK in terms of tread depth. If a rear tire is failing the symptoms will be similar except that the pull will be absent and the entire car will shake but not particularly concentrated in the steering wheel.

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